VIDEO: “You used mental health to sell a documentary”: Resident to J Balvin

In his new song with Argentine DJ Bizarrap, the Puerto Rican rapper lashed out at the Colombian singer.

Through Argentine musician Bizarrap’s YouTube channel, the most recent music session was released, in which the guest was Puerto Rican rapper Residente, one of the most recognized in the music industry for the strength of his messages and criticism in Latin America.

With the title ‘BZRP Music Sessions #49’, a song was released on which there was great anticipation, because in the last hours Bizarrap himself had revealed that his new production would be with the rapper born in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
It is tradition for Bizarrap to reveal the identity of the artist invited to his sessions a few hours before the official release of the song, in sessions to which he has invited Nicky Jam, Ptazeta, Nicki Nicole, Alemán, Trueno, L-Gante, among other artists, all references of the urban industry.

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A ‘pull’ announced

In previous days, Residente had released a video in which he claimed that “a certain artist had tried to censor” his upcoming music production.


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“They threatened to sue my label if I released the song, they asked through a call to the president of my label to stop me, so that I don’t release the song for a simple tiradera that is not even completely for him,” he explained in a release that has already reached two million plays on Instagram.

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Although he did not name names, many people have linked J Balvin to Boricua’s lyrics because of previous comparisons between the two artists.

In the song I talk about many things that are important to me in music and, at the end, I dedicated a couple of lines to a pendejo there in the urban genre,” anticipated Residente.

Well, the song was released in the last hours and makes direct references to the Colombian artist.

Eight minutes and 39 seconds of “pure action”

The song is eight minutes and 39 seconds long. In the first rhyme, Residente begins by alluding to the collapse of a statue of Christopher Columbus in one of the Caribbean islands, in an event that went viral on social media weeks ago.

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“Today I’m taking down their marketing in one fell swoop, just like we took down the statues of Christopher Columbus,” he said.


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The first attack on Balvin quotes, “Waiting for these hot dogs to come out of the cabin, like a gem, before ‘they sink the boat, but like always, shit comes out.”

The tone of the song picks up after two minutes, when he says, “This ain’t for Instagram, this is getting worked out in the cabin (…) For two minutes of song they got twenty writers, even managers are songwriters, five hundred dollars for a ticket, gentlemen, to prance around like an asshole in color.”

He continues, “Lying asshole, you act spiritual, using mental health to sell a documentary, you’re phonier than a hot dog without ketchup or bread, phonier than Luian’s abs.”

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Later, he criticizes the song “Perra,” whose controversy was such that it provoked reactions that even reached the political sphere. In this regard, René says in his song, “He doesn’t understand the values of life, he has to tattoo the word “loyalty” because he forgets it, he is an imbecile with hair dye, who puts black women around his neck with dog chains.”

Finally, he cites several urban artists and criticizes Balvin for receiving an award for “best Afro-Latino artist,” saying, “A white boy who lost his way, a divine who accepts his Afro-Latino award.”

Here’s the video: