You have a cat: These are the keys to identifying its personality

The cats may have very clear personality traits. Some are more sociable, others less, there are also more playful and others are better to rest. 

Unfortunately, cats are less studied than dogs, in terms of their personality and behavior. Now researchers from the University of Helsinki developed a questionnaire that allows them to be analyzed.

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Although some felines have quite strange behaviors  in the questionnaire, more or less the same parameters were defined as with dogs.


What are the characteristics?

“The most common behavioral challenges associated with cats are related to aggression and inappropriate elimination,” explained Salla Mikkola, author of the study from the University of Helsinki.

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Part of the defined criteria are aggression towards humans, the activity or joy with which they present themselves, fear, their sociability with men and women and other cats. Up to that point it is very similar to the personality criteria of dogs.

The differentiating factor comes with the use of the litter box, it also has to say something about their behavior. In addition to over-grooming, this means cleaning their fur, paws, and / or ears a lot. 

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“Litter box problems and excessive grooming are not personality traits as such, but they may indicate something about the cat’s sensitivity to stress,” Mikkola added.