Yeferson cossio renounces colombian citizenship

The “influencer” expressed his disagreement with the million-dollar sums that Dian has to pay for his companies.

Content creator Yeferson Cossio announced in a video posted on his Instagram that he would renounce his Colombian nationality on December 31, 2021.

What were the reasons for your decision?

Cossio said in the recording that he did it in the form of protest against Dian, because this year they made him pay a million dollar amount of taxes.

The “influencer” made public through the video the screenshots showing the large sums of money he paid to this entity and indicated that “every day I pay the State the equivalent of what a person in Colombia earns in 52 days”.

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According to Cossio’s income statement, he has to pay 572 million pesos (USD $142.750).


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“Not counting the taxes I have to pay every two months to this country,” said the content creator.

In an irritated tone, Yeferson recounted that 2,288,000 million pesos in 4×1,000 taxes were deducted from his bank account and referred to the fact as, “he charged me for paying him taxes.”

In addition, he commented that every two months about 100 million pesos are deducted from his account in other types of taxes.

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“I pay the state 1,571,000 pesos daily. How ridiculous,” Cossio said.

In the video, the “influencer” felt outraged at the situation he is experiencing, commenting that with that money he could have used it to give away houses or do charity work.

In the middle of the story, Yeferson assured that Dian contacted him to tell him that there was an error in a requirement and that he had to pay about 600 million pesos in taxes. Apparently, that was the product of a failure by his accountant.

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From then on, his lawyers helped him put together a team to manage his finances. According to Cossio’s statements, all the solutions they offered him resulted in a bribe.

“I’m not going to let them intimidate me or sink me,” he said. That said, the content creator said that one person had offered to be the contact with Dian officials and so they could leave him “alone.

The “influencer” was unhappy with the fact and clarified that he is only trying to do things legally.


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Un post condiviso da Yef (@yefersoncossio)

“I am extremely angry that everything was stolen here. Neither health, nor education, nor transportation, in this country there is absolutely nothing, “he said.

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As a result of his disagreement, Cossio commented that he renounces being Colombian and that “from January 1, my nationality, my income, my companies will go to a country that is not so corrupt, so damaged and does not want to love me everything. What a regret for such a beautiful country, with so many beautiful people and with so many benefits because there is no progress.”