Will I be lord?

Frankly, we cannot let go of our emotional responsibility and acknowledge that other people will not always be the cause of problems. 

Relationship toxicity, problems, can be the result of behavior patterns, which we don’t even know lead to these results and which could inevitably lead to a breakdown.

Control, manipulation, constant criticism, deceit, jealousy along with physical abuse are some of the clear manifestations of toxicity and that generate a feeling of instability. This can be caused by both you and your partner.

These are some of the signs that you could be responsible 

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You are afraid of abandonment

If you think that at any moment they are going to leave you, the chances that you will build an unstable relationship are higher and thus you will give way to a toxic environment. 

Try to recognize them in time, to avoid them before they become a pattern that can affect them greatly. 

Your self esteem is not the best

RuPaul says it every time his show ends: If you can’t love yourself, how can you love someone else?

It is that when you do not believe that you are worthy of receiving love, giving it up is not easy. If you often wonder how that wonderful person fell in love with you, or you do not feel comfortable with the person you have become, you could take attitudes that sabotage your relationship.

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You are not able to communicate your needs

What your partner needs from you is just as important as what you need. But no one is a fortune teller, no matter how much they know each other. This is why it is your responsibility to make your emotional and affective needs known in a healthy way.

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Communication is key, so you should avoid passive aggressive or constantly ironic responses. 

You expect your partner to do everything with you 

In any healthy relationship, each of the members has their space, their limits, and although they may be very comfortable together, individuality must be maintained. It is that continuing to try to improve when you are alone can enhance the moment when you are together.

But, if for any reason, you feel a certain dependence on your partner, you can develop toxic habits, such as excessive jealousy, the need to exercise control or even remove them from their closest circles. 

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You are afraid of compromise

There may be several explanations for your fear of commitment, that will be something that you should solve with a therapist. But you should know that entering a relationship without being at 200% will get in the way of their future. 

It may be that you are physically there, but emotionally estranged, or you feel like you are always looking for a replacement for your current partner. These types of behaviors only demonstrate this type of attitude.