What was Luis Miguel’s grandmother like?

The second season of the series about the Mexican singer’s life seems to have a new enemy and is still a member of the El Sol family


Since its inception, Luis Miguel, the series has featured Luis Rey, the singer’s father, as the main villain in the story. And now that the second season has debuted, many wondered who would fill the void left by his antagonist; the answer seems to be Matilde, Luis Miguel‘s grandmother.

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The latest episodes of the Netflix production showed how Luis Rey’s mother tried to get closer and closer to the singer’s younger brother, with the aim of making him become a star, something that Luis Miguel wants to prevent at all costs and in the last episode of the series it was revealed that Matilde might even seek legal action to get it.

Matilde Sánchez Repiso was the real name of the woman, who in real life died only a year after her son. She had three children and it was she who boosted Luis Rey’s career when she realized her son’s musical talent.

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According to the book Luis Miguel: La historia written by Javier León Herrera and Juan Manuel Navarro, Matilde had full responsibility for her family after her husband, Rafael Gallego, had an accident.

Little is known about the woman, but León Herrera’s book reveals that she had a bad relationship with Marcela Basteri, because whenever El Sol’s mother had an argument with her husband, he defended her mother and even humiliated Marcela for it.

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She died at the age of 77 in 1993 and is said to have been buried with her son’s urn at chest height. In the same book of the singer’s story it is said that Matilde was an accomplice of her son in the disappearance of Basteri and for this reason the singer of “La Incondicional” severed all ties with his paternal family and even gave up to pay for the maintenance of the cemetery where they were buried. his grandparents. In 2010, Luis Miguel’s legal representative in Spain sought him out to solve the problem, but could not get close to the singer.