Victoria’s Secret angel Jasmine Tookes gets married in Quito

After five years of relationship, Ecuadorian businessman Juan David Borrero got married this Saturday to American supermodel Jasmine Tooks, one of the angles of Victoria’s Secret.

It was in the Church of San Francisco, located in the historic center of Quito, that supermodel Jasmine Tooks and Ecuadorian Juan David Borrero, son of the Vice President of the Republic of Ecuador Alfredo Borrero, finally got married.

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The ceremony, which began around 5 p.m., brought together national and international figures, as well as guests from the political world and business friends of the couple.


The bride and groom’s wedding was attended by many who came to the Plaza de San Francisco to witness the ceremony. Guests could be seen in the distance, including other Victoria’s Secret supermodels who have accompanied Tooks’ career in recent years.

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Despite being one of the most popular events of the season, the couple had previously requested that cell phone use be restricted during the religious ceremony, but in a video released from inside the church, the couple can be seen walking out smiling after the blessing.

The decoration was one of the deciding factors of the ceremony. While white flowers were chosen for the church decoration, a line of pink flowers was chosen for the ceremony that followed.

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Regarding the expenses used for the wedding, a statement from the organization indicates that the Vice President of the Republic of Ecuador, Alfredo Borrero Vega, has nothing to do with the logistics of any of the other activities, as he is invited as the father of the groom. detailing that the organization of the event took a year of planning and no public funds are used, 100% of the expenses needed for the event are paid by the couple.

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