This is what happens to your body when you stop smoking

It does not matter if you are doing it for a mandate, health or New Year’s resolution, quitting cigarette smoking will be a great improvement for your body and that of those around you.

When you quit smoking, you break the cycle of addiction and your brain stops “asking” for nicotine to function. But still, you should have a plan in case you suddenly feel like smoking.

You might think it takes months before you see improvements when you quit smoking, but the truth is that even with hours, your body already feels the difference. And the longer you do, the better, as you will reduce the chances of developing lung diseases, cancer or other conditions that can be aggravated by smoking.

How does the body change?

The body has a fast recovery capacity, and after exposing it to cigarettes, it seeks to return to normality. That’s why, just one hour after smoking, start to lower your blood pressure and improve your circulation.

When you reach the 12-hour goal, your body begins to cleanse the excess carbon monoxide that entered your lungs and bloodstream, after inhaling high doses in a short period of time.

After a day

With one day, the chances of having a heart attack decrease. This is because the cigarette raises the pressure a lot and puts you at risk of having a clot.

So with 24 hours, these numbers stabilize, oxygen levels increase.

After three days

After 3 days, the nicotine levels in the body finally disappear, so this is the most difficult period and in which you can feel the urge to smoke a cigarette. This can make you more irritable, your body or head aches.

After one month

If you managed to overcome the 3-day barrier, the month becomes somewhat more achievable.

Little by little your lungs are recovering and improving their capacity. You may begin to notice that your air is not as choppy as it used to be, or that annoying coughing typical of smokers has decreased .

If you exercise, you will begin to see improvements in your endurance, and you will be able to better execute the cardio of your workout.

9 months

At 9 months, the lungs are much healthier and the structures destroyed by smoking, such as cilia, are beginning to recover. These small filaments are responsible for moving the secretions of the organ, in order to prevent infections.

After a year

When you reach this goal, the chances that you will die from coronary heart disease decrease by half, if you compare it to the period when you smoked the most.

After 5 years

At this timestamp, your arteries and blood vessels are already healthier, so they start to widen. This allows blood to circulate much better and prevents clogging. 

15 years

At 15 years old, you reached the same probability of suffering a coronary problem and pancreatic cancer as a person who does not smoke.

20 years

If you go 20 years or more without smoking, your chances of dying from lung disease or cancer drop to the same level as that of a person who has never tried a cigarette.

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