This is what Alejandro Basteri looks like in real life: Luis Miguel’s brother who stands out on Netflix

Of the two brothers of the singer Luis Miguel, the best known is Alejandro Basteri. Far from being the famous star who is the Mexican idol or the mysterious Sergio , of whom very little is known, the businessman maintains a more public profile.

The second season of the biographical drama “Luis Miguel: The Series”, released on Netflix on April 18, has aroused the interest of an audience who wants to know the true story of the characters who have surrounded the enigmatic singer throughout his intimate life. and professional.

Despite having disagreements, Alejandro Basteri is one of the figures closest to the “Sun of Mexico”. In both real life and television drama, he played a pivotal role and was a great support in the search for his missing mother, Marcela Basteri.

What does Luis Miguel’s brother do?

Currently “El Pichita” or “Alexito”, as Luis Miguel affectionately says, is 48 years old, he is a very sociable and familiar man. On his Instagram profile he can be seen at public events, as well as in private meetings with friends or alongside famous people and artists.

He studied film, photography and economics in the United States. According to GQ magazine , he has a company dedicated to the construction of public works, a communications company and is linked to the top management of Mexican society.

Last year, in the midst of imprisonment due to the pandemic, it was announced that Luis Miguel’s brother is preparing a fashion line  in honor of his mother and that he bears his surname.

His current partner, Bibiana Slim, with whom he has a son named Pierre, is the granddaughter of Carlos Slim, one of the richest men in Mexico. From a previous relationship with Nicaraguan model Alexandra Alcocer, she had her first child, Isabella Sofía.

Unlike the interpreter of “The Inconditional”, Alejandro maintains a fairly close relationship with his children.

“It is great that parents become friends with their children, dispelling all fears and inspiring them with great respect and admiration for the culture around us,” he wrote in a photograph he shared with his fans.

Who is Alejandro Basteri in the series?

In “Luis Miguel: The Series” the person responsible for giving life to Alejandro Basteri is Juanpa Zurita, a 25-year-old young Mexican actor and model who has become known on social networks. On Instagram alone, she has more than 25 million followers. According to Hola magazine , it maintains philanthropic initiatives in various parts of the world.

In real life, Luis Miguel’s brother and Zurita know each other and have even shared together. In a publication of the businessman on his Instagram account, they appear together on the birthday of the boy to whom he has dedicated some exciting words.

“Friends: a family whose people are chosen at will, we had a beautiful birthday for my dear me (Juanpa Zurita), a great person that I respect very much from the heart, happy birthday”, reads the post.

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