This is the type of music that your dog likes the most

If you have seen your dog relax or get angry with certain songs, you are not crazy, your pet also likes music.

There are several studies that have been dedicated to investigating the musical preferences of dogs. It is that they can have reactions as visceral as ours, and sing with the rhythms that they like the most or hate the most.

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What kind of music is your favorite?

In 2002, a group of scientists from the United States took over animal shelters to investigate their reactions. In the study, they compared the reactions of the dogs when they were played classical, pop music, heavy metal, normal human conversations or in absolute silence.

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The positive response came mainly from classical music. Still other work showed how harp chords would have had a positive impact on the breathing and heart rate of hospitalized puppies. 

Another work, published in 2015, compared the reception of dogs to different auditory stimulations, and found that music would no longer be their favorite. 


After comparing the behavior of 31 dogs in a shelter, they showed that audiobooks would be preferred by dogs, over pop and even classical music. These audios would have a calming effect that would even help them move on to a life at home. 

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But each animal is different and you have to be aware of the signals and the reactions that it could have. Lisa Radosta, veterinary doctor, behavior specialist from the United States, explained that they can enjoy different songs.

“One of my clients listens to reggae and discovered that his dog calms down when he listens to it during storms. It was comforting for the dog because it sounds familiar to him,” explained the specialist.

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