This is the sirtfood diet with which Adele obtained her new figure: She managed to lose 70 kilos

Adele’s figure underwent a radical change that surprised many. The singer managed to lose 70 kilograms thanks to the stirfood diet and exercises for two years. 

This diet was created by nutritionists Glen Matten and Aidan Goggins, who serve as authors of the book “The Sirtfood Diet”, highlights the Salud180 portal  .

The development of the diet includes two phases, in which ambitious results can be obtained, since its compliance promises to lose three kilos per week.

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This is the diet that Adele followed

The great transformation of the British singer took place by consuming foods rich in sirtuins or with the ability to activate them, details the magazine  Vanitatis. Sirtuins are enzymes that regulate metabolic processes, improve the ability to burn fat, lower stomach inflammation, and control cellular aging.

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In the first week of execution there are many restrictions, since the initial three days only allow 1000 calories per day, divided between a full meal and three juices. For the next two weeks, calorie counting is stopped and three meals are indicated, along with a daily green juice.

These are the foods rich in sirtuins

Among the foods that apply to the Sirtfood diet, with which Adele lost weight, are parsley, onion, walnuts, tofu and olive oil, according to a report in Womens Health magazine

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As for proteins, they could apply turkey and chicken meats, as well as noodles. Coffee, dark chocolate and red wine are also considered suitable.

You can consume green tea, matcha, cinnamon, chia seeds and turmeric, explains the ABC newspaper . The detail that Spanish professionals find in this regimen is that being hypocaloric it can cause muscle loss, weakness, dry skin, dizziness and brittle nails.

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