This is Kendall Jenner’s complete 10-workout routine

Kardashian-Jenner family member, model and influencer, Kendall Jenner, has made her own fame thanks to her runway work for major brands.

Throughout her career, Kendall spends hours keeping her body strong and healthy, if it’s her work tool. Their exercise routine has been reported to include mostly no-weight sequences with intervals of high intensity aerobic exercise. 

The model’s and many-star’s coach Gunnar Peterson released Jenner’s routine. It is a series of 10 exercises without implements, focused on planks and abdominals that were detailed in Vogue magazine .

Planks on forearms for 30 seconds

With the elbows resting under the shoulders and the feet slightly apart, planks are complex and complete exercises. To be able to do it well, you must worry about keeping your back neutral and activating your legs, buttocks and the abdominal band to maintain your weight.

High iron for 30 seconds

This plank is done on the hands and not the forearms. The principles are the same, regarding the back and muscle activation. Make sure you warm up and stretch your wrists before starting to avoid discomfort. 

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Side plank for 15 seconds

For this exercise, place your forearm on the ground, with the elbow in line with the shoulders. You must lift your body weight with the strength of your abdomen to keep your hips elevated. Think as if you are being pushed from the waist. Remember to place your side feet on the ground and one on top of the other.

Side plank with abs 5 reps per side

In this exercise the difficulty of the previous one is increased. The idea is to raise the leg that does not support all the weight, so that it meets the arm in the middle. Remember to keep your abdominal wall and leg very active so that your hips do not fall while you do the exercise. 

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Plank with one arm and leg 15 seconds per side

Starting with a traditional high plank, adjust your muscles, then raise your right arm forward and your opposite leg. Keep your muscles tight.

High plank with movement

From a high plank you are going to modify the weight distribution. First forward, you push with your legs and lean on the tips of your fingers, and then back. 

Climbers 5 reps per side

From a high plank, contract your abdomen to bring the knee of one leg toward your chest, repeat the same with the other leg. The speed with which you do the exercise will depend on your physical condition, so don’t worry about speed, but about doing it correctly. 

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Sit-ups 20 reps

The traditional exercise, which requires having your knees bent and your hands behind your head. Raise the upper body, with the strength of the abdomen, not with impulse not from the neck, to avoid injury. 

Bicycles 30 seconds

Lying on your back, you should start the exercise with your legs on the table, raised at a 90-degree angle at the knees, hands behind the head and raised shoulder blades. To perform the exercise you should try to join the elbow of the right hand with the opposite knee, while stretching the right leg, then repeat with the opposite side. 

In this exercise, you must take care to keep your lower back well supported to avoid injury. In addition, the lower the straight leg reaches, the more you will work the abdomen. 

Sit-ups with legs raised 20 seconds

Lying on your back you should raise your legs until they reach 90 degrees. Squeeze your abdomen as you try to touch the whore of your feet with your hands. 

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Frog abs 15 reps

You start from the traditional abdominal position, but you should spread your knees out to the sides while keeping the soles of your feet together, like the legs of frogs. Then you lift your upper back as in the traditional exercise. 

Donkey kicks 15 reps per side

You must start in table position with four points. Take care to keep your hands aligned with your shoulders and your knees with your hips. While keeping your knee bent, raise it as high as you can. It is very important to keep the core well activated, so that the back does not bend. Stability and control is essential to avoid injury.