They create an application to interpret the feelings of cats: This is how it works

Technology advances by leaps and bounds every day in order to make people’s lives easier. So much so that an application capable of interpreting the feelings of cats was recently launched.

Although these occasionally generate  allergies, they are the most common companion animals and, like other pets, bring health benefits. These benefits are related to the physical activity practiced by responsible caregivers.

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In addition, it is well known that these domestic felines generate  relationships  with their owners on a sentimental level, very similar to those established between humans.

The application to interpret cats

It is a Chinese manufacturer who developed the app capable of identifying the feelings of cats. The developer, surnamed Li, spent a weekend working on the platform to “observe your pet in real time and identify its status,” reports the  Global Times.

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The programmer, based in South China’s Guangdong Province, relied on deep learning algorithms, daily data collection, movement evaluation, and sound samples.

“I am an ailurophile, and I often miss my kitten at home while I work at the office,” Li wrote through his account on the social network Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter.

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The news became a trend on social networks, where Internet users not only commented on the usefulness of the application; some also joked about the possibility of creating a system capable of detecting the mood in their partners.