They are dangerous: so you can tell if a drug is fake

The fake drug market is more prominent in Chile than you might think. During 2020, customs seized more than 3 million counterfeit units, exceeding by 266% of what was withdrawn during 2019.

Many people turn to the informal market for the sale of medicines, devices or food to avoid the high costs that formal commerce can have.

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But the health risk can be very high. It is that counterfeit products can contain deadly doses of ingredients, they can be formulated with extra elements that can cause problems or they can even be talcum tablets without active compounds. 

Therefore, to take care of your health, you must recognize the signs that can 

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How to recognize a counterfeit drug?

Interpol recommends never buying outside of the formal trade, or accepting that they sell you a remedy without a prescription. 

If you have already bought a drug in a non-certified place and want to verify an original version, there are some steps you can take before consuming it. The best thing is to be able to compare it with the original remedy, that will be the best indicator. 

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You should check the packaging first. There may be very obvious differences or markings in the boxes the product comes in. For example, the Australian Government Department of Health recommends comparing the colored bars that come on the wings that close the box.

According to the World Health Organization, blisters can give some signs, if the pills are very dusty, if the pills have broken or if there are a lot of differences between them. It is that the manufacture of medicines is an exact science that requires precision that counterfeits do not always comply with. 

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