These are the 5 most affectionate cat breeds in the world

Cats have a bad reputation for being surly or elusive, but the truth is that they are more demanding than anything and know their limits. If you form part of their close circle, they will be the ones who seek your affection.

In addition, cats have different ways of showing their affection, not only are they constantly looking for you, as dogs do. 

If you want to buy a cat that falls into the category of the kindest and most affectionate, these are the 5 most recognized breeds

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The Persians, or Garfield’s cat are one of the most famous breeds, they are relaxed cats, who do not mind social interactions, but they will not be looking for them either. They are affectionate felines that will give a lot of love and treat to those who live with them. 

Maine Coon

These cats, originally from the state of Maine in the United States, are one of the largest breeds. They can measure up to 40 centimeters and weigh 4 kilos. 

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Despite their size, they have a calm and gentle temperament. They are ideal for families, because they are not the biggest fans of loneliness and personal space. If you share a lot with your family members in one room, your Maine Coon will stay there with you. 


Known for being one of the bald breeds. Due to a genetic mutation, these cats do not grow hair, nor do they have whiskers. This makes them quite delicate and a cat that requires a lot of maintenance to keep its skin healthy and its body temperature controlled.

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This majestic animal has a lot of personality, they are not of the shy breeds. They appreciate your company so much that they will do all kinds of pirouettes and ropes to get your attention.

Scottish fold

The key feature to recognize this breed is the shape of the ears. Just like their name says, the ears of these cats are hardly visible because they are bent towards their skull, which gives them a cute expression.

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They are sociable cats, who do not appreciate spending a lot of time alone, and who will seek the company of their humans. They are very affectionate and their best moments are spent with humans. 

Rag doll 

These cats were bred to be company, in fact their name includes the word doll in English for their beauty and how docile they are.

They are adorable cats that do not require much maintenance, excellent with children and very nice to families.