The mysterious message from Luis Miguel’s brother to pay homage to his mother

Singer Luis Miguel’s brother , Alejandro Basteri , surprised once again by posting a mysterious message in honor of his mother, Marcela Basteri, via his Instagram account.

Far from being the famous star who is the Mexican idol or the mysterious Sergio , the 48-year-old Mexican businessman is the most willing to show his personal life and often posts photographs with his wife and children.

Furthermore, “Álex”, as he is known in the entertainment sphere, is the closest brother to the romantic music star and, as revealed by “Luis Miguel: The Series” , has been a great support for the performer during his run..

The mysterious message from Luis Miguel’s brother

Luis Miguel‘s brother has once again broken the silence that surrounds the family of the enigmatic “Sol de México”. As is customary every year, she shared a photo to commemorate Mother’s Day. In the graphics, her mother’s face is seen in the foreground, where she displays a flawless smile, her impressive green eyes, and wavy blonde hair.

“Many people go through our lives, but very few come to occupy an important place in our hearts. Soon we will do the best tribute to who I love and who deserves it, Happy Mother’s Day !! ”, Writes Basteri with nostalgia.

Without giving more details on what he will do, it clearly follows that they are preparing an event in honor of Marcela, who disappeared under strange circumstances when he and Luis Miguel were only teenagers and Sergio was a child.

Will you launch a clothing brand in honor of Marcela Basteri?

Last January, a well-known Aztec television program revealed that Luis Miguel’s brother is preparing the launch of a clothing line with the surname Marcela, for which he has already collaborated with renowned entrepreneurs in the fashion industry.

The brand, which already has official profiles open on social media with Basteri Couture and Basteri Official on Instagram, would be the best tribute to a woman who has passionately dedicated herself to fashion design, in particular to the garments worn by “Sol de México”, during his childhood and youth.

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