The multimillion dollar amount that Luis Miguel earned with his Netflix series and helped him pay off his debts

Luis Miguel has always avoided the sensationalism of cameras and journalists about his private life. That’s why it was surprising that he authorized the production of his autobiographical series on Netflix. However, a large sum of money ($ 5 million) was the reason that convinced him in 2018 to tell his innermost secrets.

For that price, previously untold details of the artist’s life could be revealed: a tragic story that tells a lifetime of family troubles, excesses and romantic secrets that were shared with the multimillion-dollar “Sol de México” permit.

The series has had as starring Mexican actor Diego Boneta and took place in 13 episodes. After the premiere, the artist and Netflix made huge profits, as “Luis Miguel: The Series” became one of the most viewed streaming content in Latin America.

The second season is coming

The second season of the series is highly anticipated by Luis Miguel fans. Production had to be delayed for reasons related to the Covid-19 pandemic, but is expected to reach Netflix by the last quarter of the year.

According to some North American media, the plot will take place in two timelines. It is known that one of them will explore the singer’s first attempts to stabilize his family and professional life.

Additionally, the next season will include episodes in which her daughter Michelle Salas will appear, who will be played by two different actresses respectively in two different stages.

He helped Luis Miguel out of debt

According to press releases , the production of the bioseries increased the capital of “Luismi” after it became known that the singer was going through a serious financial crisis.

Luis Miguel’s businessman and friend, Carlos Bremer, was in charge of conducting negotiations with Netflix. He said he plans to double the amount from $ 5 million to $ 10 million next season.

“They better open their wallets because to win you have to pay. If I were him (Luis Miguel), I wouldn’t accept less than $ 10 million. They paid him more than $ 5 million for the first season, ”Bremer said at the time.

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The exact type of crisis that the Mexican singer has gone through is not known, because according to the portal Celebrity Networth , which calculates the net earnings of artists, the interpreter of “La Inconditional” has 180 million dollars at his disposal.