The method to defrost meat properly and without microwave

The National Holidays are here. With the arrival of the best date of the year, the consumption of meat in Chilean households increases considerably.

Depending on the use that is given to the food, it is not necessary to always consume fresh meat. Leaving it in the freezer is an excellent way to preserve it. But it requires some planning, since it is not to arrive, take out of the freezer and start cooking.

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Microwaving is the most common way to speed up this process, but not necessarily the best, because exposing meat to heat inevitably cooks a little, even if it is a superficial layer. 

If you want to avoid this appliance in order to cook your piece of meat, these are other safe methods you can use.

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In the refridgerator

This is the traditional way, take the meat out of the freezer to leave it in the refrigerator. It is one of the safest because you do not expose the food to a very large temperature change, although it is very slow.

If you want to defrost it with this method, time and planning are required, since the meat must spend many hours in the refrigerator for it to defrost enough so that it can be used. 

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Frozen water

Soaking the meat in ice water can speed up the refrigerator process a bit. Depending on the amount you want to defrost; approximately two kilos could take between two and three hours.

Be careful, it is freezing, not warm or hot, but freezing from the faucet. Before putting the meat, you should place it in an airtight bag and make sure to change the water every 30 minutes. 

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