The ending of “The five Juanas”

Five women with the same desire want to reveal the truth about their past and discover a tragic web of lies woven by a powerful character.

“The Five Juanas” is a Mexican Netflix series starring Juana Arias, Sof铆a Engberg, Oka Giner, Renata Notni and Zuria Vega. New adaptation of the Colombian telenovela “Las Juanas”, written by Bernardo Romero Pereiro and premiered in 1997, the drama centers on five women who do not know each other but share the same name and a birth brand: a fish all ‘ height of the buttocks.

Even though they are just trying to find out who their father is, the mystery surrounding their birth and what really happened to their mothers, their investigation brings them face to face with the ghosts of their past and very powerful and powerful people. dangerous.

After a DNA test confirms their ancestry, Juana Manuela, Juana Valentina, Juana Caridad, Juana Bautista and Juana Matilde follow several leads to uncover the truth. Thanks to his mother’s return, Manny is the first to find out, but instead of talking to his sisters, he prefers to blackmail Sim贸n Marroqu铆n, who, after delivering a large sum of money, orders his death.

What happened in the ending of The five Juanas ?

A mistake by Victor, Marroqu铆n’s faithful companion, makes the difference for Manny, who returns and reveals the secret of his origins to the Juanas. While this is shocking news for all of them, the most affected is Valentina, as Federico, the man she was dating, is her half-brother.

The sisters begin plotting their revenge against Sim贸n, who is increasingly uneasy as she fears that the recent appearance of her daughters could ruin her candidacy for Minister of Justice. Despite his attempts and the suggestions of his father, Rogelio Marroqu铆n, he cannot shake off his troubles and memories of his crimes.

A few days before the date, Sim贸n’s world begins to collapse, so he decides to confess. But before he can talk to anyone, he commits suicide the same way his mother did years earlier. This draws the attention of Ignacio who suspects that his father killed his brother and mother.

However, he is the only one who suspects Rogelio, as the Juanas decide to accept their grandfather’s gifts and money, despite the fact that Caridad’s mother was found dead after assaulting him. Little by little, the old man conquers the five sisters and prepares everything for his great revenge.

When Bautista becomes suspicious, Rogelio manages to send her to the Aquarium, from where she manages to escape with Jordi’s sister. But during his absence, he exposes the Juanas’ deepest secrets: Valentina slept with Federico, Caridad forges documents to help women in distress, Manny allegedly washes money in the club his grandfather gave him, and Matilda “revealed. “the truth about his mother / father.

Finally, with the help of the hacker Jordi, the policeman Lorenzo and others, the Juanas reunite and prepare to arrest their grandfather. Although Rogelio tries to eliminate the evidence against him, he is arrested and locked up in a cell.

Final explained “The Five Juanas”

But this is not the end of “The Five Juanas”. After discovering that he is Rogelio’s son and that his mother is also his victim, Victor decides to take revenge on the patriarch Marroquin. Rogelio’s unrecognized son gives him the same end that he gave his wife and son: a fake suicide.

Furthermore, it is revealed that Federico is not Sim贸n’s son but Ignacio’s son. The first season of Netflix‘s Mexican series ends with the five sisters celebrating with their loved ones. However, there appears to be another sister in another part of the world. In the last scene, a mysterious woman appears with the trademark of the Juanas, putting together a puzzle.

Does this mean that Juanas have multiple sisters or relatives with the same brand? Is it something that Manuela, Valentina, Caridad, Bautista and Matilde will have to worry about in the second season of “La Vendette delle Juana”? Will Victor go back to find his family? What will happen to Valentina and Federico? They are not half-siblings, but are they a family nonetheless, or is the fact that Ignacio doesn’t even have the brand a sign of another secret?

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