Take into account these tips to combat the bad smell of your cat’s litter

It is very common that after cats relieve themselves in their litter, a very strong smell remains in your house or apartment, because although these pets are very clean and cover their feces, the aroma penetrates all over the place.

Now we show you some very simple tips and actions that you can take into account to reduce or eliminate this unpleasant situation of having to thoroughly clean the sandbox every day, as indicated in the Advice Guide.

Recommendations to combat the bad smell of cat litter

Among the main alternatives to combat the bad smell of the place where cats relieve themselves, are the following:

Activated carbon

Not only does it eliminate the powerful smell of cat litter, but it also encourages more potty visits. Due to its composition, it is one of the favorites of cats, and it does not leave any stench.

It has a great absorbent property of debris. A thin layer has to be applied to the bottom of the litter box, and then it should be covered with at least 6 centimeters of kitty litter.

Sodium bicarbonate

This is one of the simplest and cheapest to use since it is always in the house, in addition, it is excellent to eliminate the pestilence and helps to clean the area where the sand is.

However, caution should be exercised when using it, as spilling large amounts can become toxic to your pet. This should be applied in the same way as activated charcoal.


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Self-cleaning sandpit

Although most are difficult to find and very expensive, there are certain sandboxes that are perfect to keep completely clean and without any trace of debris.

This device consists of the waste reaching the bottom, then it is removed with a lever until it reaches a biodegradable bag, and it only remains to have to throw it away to complete the process.