Sharon Fonseca reveals her secret to combat nausea during Blu Jerusalema’s pregnancy

Sharon Fonseca does not save anything on her social networks and shares with her followers the wellness tips that have helped her. This time she gave a recommendation for nausea during pregnancy, which worked for her.

Gianlucca Vacchi’s couple had their daughter Blu Jerusalema in October 2020 and both have shown how the little girl has become the center of their lives. Months later, the Italian businessman revealed that his daughter had a cleft palate, which warranted an operation.

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Fatigue discomfort is very common during pregnancy. They tend to appear during the first month of pregnancy and last until the third or fourth month. According to the specialized portal MedlinePlus, there are women who suffer from it throughout their pregnancy.

Sharon Fonseca and morning sickness

Through her stories, the Venezuelan model answered the concern of a follower about how she faced this condition during the nine months of pregnancy. And the answer was simple, but ingenious, reports the Famazine portal  : a homemade ice cream was the solution to their ills.

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“What helped me was ice and lemon. What he did was liquefy the ice and add two or three drops of lemon to it? And that was the best! ”, Said the Venezuelan model.

In addition to drugs, which must be supervised by specialists, Sharon’s home remedy is not the only one to treat nausea that occurs in pregnancy.

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Apart from ice and lemon, low sodium sparkling mineral water, mint infusion, nuts, whole grains, toast, ginger and banana can also help, details the SaberVivir portal  .

There are other habits that help

These symptoms are not usually worse, but they can be bothersome. Nausea, which is usually morning, can be counteracted by choosing the right foods, high in protein, low in fat and easily digestible. Also, stay away from spicy and fried foods, explain doctors from the MayoClinic organization .

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They also recommend eating frequent snacks, drinking water, avoiding what intensifies the sensation, breathing fresh air, and rinsing your mouth thoroughly after vomiting. Prenatal vitamins can also have these effects, so be vigilant.

This article is designed to be informative and is not intended to provide medical advice or solutions. Always ask your doctor or specialist if you have questions about your health or before starting treatment.