Shakira showed how she did in the kitchen making pancake and they recommend her to keep on singing

The Colombian singer enjoyed sharing a video showing her experience in the kitchen, where she was accompanied by her two children.

Shakira has shown her good attitude to her, even in tasks where she rarely sees herself, such as in the restaurant business. That’s why she surprised her with a video.


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The Colombian singer has decided to show how she prepares a simple dish on her personal Instagram account of hers, where she has more than 70 million followers.

Shakira cooking: How did it go with the pancakes?

The “Waka Waka” singer started her show of hers by explaining that she was cooking pankakes.

In this one minute video, set to the song “Mission Imposibble”, she was accompanied by her son Milan and showed step by step how to prepare this dish.

Shakira realized at that moment that one of these pankakes was on fire and she showed how to cook it at the end, which provoked several reactions.

Although she received a lot of love from her followers, others did not hesitate to laugh at the situation and there were those who realized that he too would be in trouble like that of the singer in the kitchen.

“He keeps singing and writing songs because ‘pancakes’ no” said one of her followers.

Despite the result, the moment became another opportunity for Shakira to have fun with her children, who praised her preparation. This was the video where you can sometimes see how much smoke comes out, but above all it served to show another side of the Colombian singer on social networks.