Paulo Londra won the dispute against Big Ligas but the court granted review of the verdict.

Paulo Londra, the Cordovan rap and trap singer who triumphed with tracks like “Adam and Eva”,has won his lawsuit against record label Big Ligas. However, a judge granted the label an emergency motion to review the ruling, so the verdict was temporarily suspended pending further review.

The ruling stated that the singer no longer has any present or future obligations to Big Ligas. “If he loses the trial, he won’t be able to release music until 2025,” journalist Patito Festa said in an interview.

London had been tricked into signing a contract that ceded most of the royalties from his music to the record label owned by Ovy on the drums-Daniel Oviedo-and Kristoman -Cristian Salazar-.

“An immense joy. Thank you all, thank you God. It’s a great start. It won’t be long now,” the singer announced on his Instagram account, although he gave no further details about the case.

The support of his colleagues

Minutes after the news broke, via Billboard, singer J Balvin shared a story on his Instagram account with a photo of Paulo. “Welcome to freedom, we miss you @paulolondra,” the image reads.

London, who wasthe most listened to Argentine artist on Spotify in 2018 and 2019 and was placing one hit after another on the charts, is now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel after a ruling was announced in a dispute against the label and music producers he co-founded it with: the Colombian Ovy On The Drums (Daniel Oviedo) and the Puerto Rican Kristo (Cristian Salazar).

A few days ago, at a gala of The Voice Argentina, Soledad Patorutti and Lali Esposito had supported the Cordoba-based artist. The coaches took advantage of Marcos Olaguibet’s performance of a song from London and expressed heartfelt words of encouragement for the singer to record more material.


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“First of all let me send a greeting to Paulo Londra, the most listened boy in this country, an absolute idol. Paulo a huge kiss,” greeted Lali, while in the background Soledad Pastorutti could be heard shouting “Paulo Londra free!”.