Netflix series ‘Palpito’, finale explained

A man determined to take revenge on the organ trafficking organisation that killed his wife finds himself accidentally involved with the woman who received his heart.

Spoiler alert!

Starring Michel Brown, Lucía Domínguez and Sebastián Martínez, “Pálpito” is a Colombian Netflix series that tells the story of Simón, a man leading a quiet life with his wife Valeria and two children, until after a romantic night out men kidnap and kill the love of his life.

Meanwhile, Camila, a talented photographer, suffers a heart attack on her wedding day and needs a heart transplant to survive. Although she is out of hope, her fiancé Zacarias takes it upon himself to find the ideal “donor”, even if it means getting involved in an organ trafficking ring.

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While Simón is determined to take revenge on those involved in his wife’s murder, Camila becomes obsessed with finding out the identity of her donor. The two meet at a concert and begin to feel something inexplicable even before they know the truth.

What happened at the end of “Palpito”?

When Camila discovers she has Simon’s wife’s heart, she decides to distance herself from him, questions her feelings and suspects that Zacarias is involved in her transplant. Meanwhile, her husband faces blackmail from the organ trafficking organisation, which wants to make deals with the future president.

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For his part, Simon continues his investigation despite the dangers of tracking down the culprits. But every time he finds a lead, the people involved take it upon themselves to get rid of it. With no other options, he infiltrates Sarmiento’s organisation.

Thanks to a hacker, Camila discovers that Zacarias is also guilty. After confronting him, she seeks out Simón to tell him the truth, but things don’t go as she expected, as her scar betrays her and she ends up in the hospital, handcuffed and accused of the crime.

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But this is not the only thing the protagonist of “Palpito” has to face. His daughter Samantha gets into trouble after meeting Tomás, a drug addict who works with Mariachi and Sarmiento. For trying to defend her boyfriend, Sam is caught by the organ trafficking organisation.

Explained ending of “Palpito”?

Fortunately, Simón finds out in time and, together with the police, saves Samantha. Meanwhile, Camila talks to the police and denounces her husband, but Zacarias is not arrested because the policeman who seemed to be on Simon’s side was actually working for the organisation, i.e. he let Mariachi and Garabato go free and got rid of several pieces of evidence.

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However, he made a mistake and one of the officers he attacked survived and told the whole story. While most of the people involved are arrested, Cárdenas becomes the new president, but refuses to make deals with Sarmiento, who swears revenge on Zacarias.

The next day, Camila appears in a lake. However, it was just a plan to escape her husband and start a new life, but Zacarias soon finds out, thanks to Sarmiento, who is in prison. What will happen in the second season of “Pálpito”?