Narcos Mexico: Season 3 finale of the controversial Netflix series explained

On November 5, the third season of “Narcos: Mexico” premiered, which explores the consequences generated with the fall of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, as the Guadalajara Cartel split into different factions generating new groupings and an escalation of violence.

If you have finished watching it, but still have some doubts about the end of this third season, we explain everything you need to know to understand it.

Narcos Mexico: What is the third season about?

After Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo was arrested, the Sinaloa Cartel and the Tijuana Cartel start a war between them, since the former had to pay taxes to be able to move drugs across the border.

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This season also features Victor Tapia, a policeman who, while searching for Teresa, a missing woman, discovers corpses of young people of similar ages, so he suspects a serial killer, whom he later finds and kills.

Justice and truth are also present in “Narcos: Mexico” through the eyes and voice of journalist Andrea Núñez, a brave woman who begins to investigate the connection between Hank and the cartels.

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Meanwhile, Amado Carrillo eliminates his partner Aguilar and allies with Carlos Hank Gonzalez, creating a highly effective drug business infrastructure; however, in the end Amado decides to hand over his empire to Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, before attempting to escape to Chile and reunite with Marta.

In order to do so, he undergoes surgery in which he ends up, apparently dead; while “El Chapo” and Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada become the co-leaders of Sinaloa.

The ending of "The five Juanas"

Is Amado Carrillo really dead?

One of the biggest enigmas surrounding the series is the death of Amado Carrillo. Although he appears dead in the operation scene, in the credits we can see Marta walking from the beach to the villa he gave her.

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On top of the grand piano, two wine glasses rest and next to it, the toy plane of Amado’s late daughter, so we can infer that he did not die and managed to meet his girlfriend.

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Furthermore, it is insinuated that he was the one who informed the police about her location, since they confirm his identity and the cause of death; however, the body disappears. Later, the doctors who operated on him are found dead, which may have been done to cover Amado’s tracks and he manages to escape.