Luis Miguel’s daughter kisses passionately with her boyfriend: the Venezuelan who stole her heart

Far from the scandals that have shaken the Pinal dynasty, the daughter of Luis Miguel has a successful life both professionally and personally. Extremely reserved, the model lives her love with the man who stole her heart, away from the spotlight and social networks.

Her work commitments lead her to travel through various countries, but her 32nd birthday brought her back to her native Mexico to share a fascinating party in Acapulco with her family and friends.

With the glamor that characterizes her, the beautiful influencer was the perfect host of an evening that gathered her affections in the midst of the luxury that was experienced to make her day an unforgettable encounter.

Family and love together for Luis Miguel’s daughter

Without showing her love in her post on Instagram, Michelle Salas comes out with the Venezuelan Danilo Díaz in 2016, becoming its support and companion of adventures in the countries you must visit to meet her modeling program.

The magazine Hola has published the details of the luxurious party in which the beautiful daughter of “El Sol de América” was more in love than ever, sharing with gestures of love the boy who accompanied her for five years.

And despite the fact that on her Instagram “stories” she posted photos and videos of the party, it was on the networks of her friends that the images were launched in which she looked very romantic with her boyfriend, a wealthy businessman, who he kissed after making a wish and blowing out the candles, when everyone gathered around the agasada cake and with the “Mañanitas” playing in the background.

The young man seemed happy to be next to his beloved, dressed in a black shirt that he left open, with a white shirt and pants inside. Michelle also smiled, danced and showed the joy of being in her country and with her family, after the difficult times she experienced when she suffered the accident that brought her to the operating room.

In 2017 it was her great-grandmother, the first actress Silvia Pinal, who confirmed the couple’s relationship, saying that Michelle lived in Madrid with her boyfriend Danilo. At the time, she implied that she had her approval, stating how happy and well they lived their love.

Who magazine underlined in a publication the words of the Mexican diva referring to courtship: “It is a great satisfaction to see that they are well, that they are healthy, that they do well, that they have the ability to do what they want to do, it is that they themselves they reached and I’m happy then ”.

A luxury party

From Villa Sábalo, residence with a spectacular view of the beaches of Acapulco, the favorite of his father and mother, everything was ready to receive guests, including his mother, Stephanie Salas , his sister Camila Valero, his grandmother Sylvia Pasquel ; being the great absent his aunt, the controversial rocker Alejandra Guzmán.

Grateful for life and full of happiness, she posted a photo from her party where she filled her family and friends with love for giving her incredible hours of fun on her 32nd birthday.

The label of the invitation to the party asked the guests to participate with a 70s look, a theme under which some details were organized. And in this way, the birthday girl looked impressive in a dress printed with geometric figures and jarring colors, with a hairstyle gathered in the middle of the train with which she gave the finishing touch to her style of the era.

Michelle’s elegance was reflected in the decoration prepared for the diners. A long table decorated with fine glasses, with plates in the shape of plant leaves, gold cutlery and a row of floral arrangements, overflowed with the glamor that the daughter of the famous Mexican singer is accustomed to.

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