Luis Miguel’s daughter explodes against Netflix series: “They violated my privacy”

The biographical series of Luis Miguel  on Netflix continues to generate controversy even after the end of the second season. Now it’s the same Michelle Salas , the singer’s daughter, who exploded and sent a strong message of rejection of how her life was portrayed in fiction.

The 31-year-old model, who grew up far from her father, spoke through a long text in her Instagram “stories” to harshly criticize the story: “They violated my privacy.

Michelle Salas thus joins the other artists who rejected the way they were treated in the plot, such as Patricia Manterola and her mother, Stephanie Salas .

Here’s how Luis Miguel’s daughter showed her rejection of the series

The young influencer mainly made it clear that she never allowed her image to be used in the story, that she wasn’t even consulted, nor did she know she would become one of the main characters in her father’s biographical drama.

“But I must say that I find the way in which the production decides to treat a woman, her daughter, to conclude this chapter of its story, really useless, disrespectful and unfortunate. Sessualizzandola explicitly at 19 and violating his privacy, has sharply criticized Michelle.

Luis Miguel‘s daughter insisted that she has always maintained a discreet life, but given the scale of the problem and how it affects her private life, she felt the need to speak. She confessed that although she is used to rumors and inventions about her person, it is something she sometimes finds difficult to carry.

Michelle Salas’s mother supports her

For her part, Stephanie Salas , Michelle’s mother, promptly came out in defense of her daughter and her family, and expressed her firm support in an audio she posted on her Instagram account, accompanied by a photo of her two. daughters.

“Today, as a mother, I deeply support the sincere and painful words that came out of my daughter’s heart, in defense of her person,” says Salas, who had a fleeting relationship with “El Sol de México”.

He added that he considered “reprehensible, useless and in bad taste” the way the image was portrayed by creatives and those involved in the second season of the singer’s bioseries.

“I hope they realize that they have touched very sensitive fibers, trespassing and personally attacking the dignity, respect and integrity that my daughter Michelle Salas, as a woman, deserves,” he insisted.

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