“Luis Miguel, the series”: What happened to the mysterious younger brother of the singer?

The bioserie of Luis Miguel from Netflix promises revealing details for this second season. The disappearance of the Mexican star’s mother, Marcela Basteri, and the whereabouts of her younger brother, Sergio, remain the singer’s best kept secrets.

The second installment of the hit production, which will be released on April 18, has filled its fans with expectations, who hope to learn more about this hidden side of their idol.

This season, the interpreter’s mysterious younger brother appears. However, Netflix did not reveal any further details.

The unknown location of Luis Miguel’s brother

Very little is known about where he is the younger brother of Luis Miguel. The last known photograph of the young man was released in 2019 by Bibi Domit, wife of Alejandro, second child of the marriage between Marcela and Luonea Rey.

Judging by the graph, in which Sergio and Alejandro seem to happily share a family reunion, they both have a good relationship, something that doesn’t seem to be the same with the famous singer.

According to Maricarmen Galleg or, the mother of Yolanda Mingo, the last partner of Luis Miguel’s father, Sergio currently lives in Madrid, Spain, where he has led a low-profile life, raised a family and works in a department store.

“He worked at ‘El Corte Inglés’. He didn’t want to hear Micky. I think she has a daughter, ”he said in an interview broadcast by Infobae .

This was Sergio’s childhood

The last photograph of Marcela Basteri, who passed away 35 years ago, was taken at the Pisa airport, where she appears hand in hand as she walks with Sergio, who was not yet two years old. Both of them would go to Spain to meet Luisito Rey again.

Shortly after, in 1986, his mother disappeared and after the death of his father Lusito Rey in 1992, the boy was in charge of his paternal uncle, Mario Vicente Gallego, who tried to delight the young man with music, but despite that he had talent, this didn’t work

Over time and after several disagreements, “El Sol de México” got custody of his brother.

Luis Miguel ignored Sergio

Shortly after, due to work commitments, Luis Miguel renounced the protection on behalf of Mario Octavio Fonseca, a friend of the family doctor. Something that changed man’s life, as he himself stated.

“I am grateful from my soul and my heart that this man has given me the opportunity to educate him, that I love him as if he had given birth to him,” he said in an interview with the “Despierta América” program .

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What exactly was the reason that led Sergio to distance himself from Luis Miguel? After a long time, no one knows for sure. Although there are many versions and stories, the only clear thing is that currently the singer has no contact with his younger brother.