Luis Miguel met his daughter Michelle Salas when she was little: this is the real story

One of the most exciting moments experienced in the second chapter of the second season of “Luis Miguel: The Series” of Netflix , is the meeting between the singer and his daughter Michelle Salas : Luis Miguel goes to his house to meet her and the little girl sees him hugs.

The eldest daughter of “El Sol de México” was the result of a youthful relationship with actress Stephanie Salas, daughter of Silvia Pasquel, granddaughter of Silvia Pinal and cousin of the famous singer Alejandra Guzmán .

Although the second episode of the bioseries tells that the singer’s meeting with Michelle took place when he was four years old, in real life he met her during the first months of life.

The first time Luis Miguel saw Michelle Salas

In 2018, her mother recounted in a moving interview with Hola magazine , how the star experienced that moment. According to Stephanie Salas, after telling the Aztec artist about her pregnancy, she assimilated the news in the best possible way.

“He pulled out that part of a mature man and said to me, as he touched my belly: ‘It’s going to be okay. Do not worry. Nothing will be missing because I’ll be there “, he recalled.

However, after this he never heard from her again, until the girl’s birth, when he saw her for the first time visiting his home, something he called a beautiful, enjoyable and emotional moment.

“How it looks like me! My daughter is divine! Were the first words of Luis Miguel when he met her, according to Salas she told the magazine. “And then I let him be alone with her and he was there, laughing and enjoying her in her arms. We were in tune and it was a very nice moment, ”he added.

Luis Miguel was an attentive father in the early years

After this, he would visit her regularly during her first three years, during which she had attention and detail with the little girl. “I personally took her to her home, where Luis Miguel, her grandfather Luis Rey and all her family loved her very much.”

Shortly after, the interpreter of “The unconditioned” disappeared again from the life of his daughter. By that time, the Mexican star already had an established career, enjoying worldwide success and fame.

“When Michelle was about three, we suddenly didn’t hear from her again. It was the moment he had released his bolero album. I tried, but everything has a limit and once again I have not heard, he told the mother of the young woman.

At 31, Luis Miguel’s daughter has a completely separate life from her father. He is a model and influencer for prestigious brands. On Instagram, where she is very active, she has a legion of over a million fans.

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