Luis Miguel and the famous women who resisted him: this is how they are today

Known for his endless conquests, Luis Miguel was also close to showbiz women who resisted his claims to adventure.

Today, 50 years old, “El Sol de México” also boasts a list of relationships that have not materialized, despite his attempts. Many of those memories began and ended in his Acapulco mansion.

There are five women who said “no” to the interpreter of “La Incondicional”, when she was at the height of her success.

Alejandra Avalos

The singer-songwriter has two more years than “Luismi”. In the program “The minute that changed my destiny” he commented that their friendship began during a dinner where the artist cooked paella for a radio musical launch.

She wanted a friend and he wanted a romance, but it all ended in Acapulco when she refused to have more with him, and they never saw each other again.

Luz Elena González

The beautiful presenter and actress is 46 years old. Despite having a fleeting relationship with Luis Miguel, she confessed to the singer that she was still in love with her ex-boyfriend, actor Rafael Amaya.

At dinner in a presidential suite she refused to spend the night with the singer. Then they went out for a while and she went to see him in Acapulco, but she eventually left the artist away.

Andrea Legarreta

This seasoned actress and presenter is 49 years old. Even Luis Miguel has invited her to dinner as the background. The artist told in an interview about “drooling” about the “Sun of Mexico”, although later she regretted having refused the invitation, she did not accept it because at that moment she had a boyfriend with whom she was dating. 7 years.

Patricia manterola

The 48-year-old singer and actress also rejected the Mexican idol. Preferring what later became her ex-husband, the late Xavier Ortiz, also of the Garibaldi group, the artist says she had dinners and meetings with “Luismi” but that it was more of a “friendship-story of love ”, as a quote from Infobae .

Yanet Garcia

She is known as the “most beautiful time girl in the world” and today she is only 30 years old. The singer asked a mutual friend of both to introduce him to the beautiful model. She refused an invitation from Luis Miguel, because at that time the young woman was in love with her boyfriend, although some time later they separated.

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