Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey’s phone call during his relationship

The 48-second recording between Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey was released a day after the Mexican and the American singer were trending in their respective countries, he for his biographical series and she for her book of memoirs.

A “hello” from Luis Miguel and a flirtatious laugh from Mariah Carey is how the conversation that the singers had for at least a minute begins, which was spread through social networks even though its origin is unknown. The phone call may have occurred between 1998 and 2001, when both were dating.

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“El Sol”, as Luis Miguel is also known, makes use of his particular Latin accent to seduce Mariah, who seems interested in hearing words in Spanish, so at the moment of saying goodbye, he says “Bye” in English and Mariah answers: “You can say more than that in Spanish, so he says goodbye again saying “Have a nice night” and Carey stops him and asks him to do it in Spanish because for her it is sexy to hear it that way, so Luis Miguel gives in to the whim of the American and responds: “Have a nice night everyone, a loving kiss, take care, bye”, which caused a strange laugh in Mariah.

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At the end the singer is heard saying: “that was sweet, I love it when he speaks Spanish”. This recording, which is not known where it came from and no details are given, came at a key moment for Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey, who became a trend in social networks.

Recently, Netflix announced the seven new actors and actresses who will join the second season of “Luis Miguel: The Series”, the audiovisual project that reveals the personal life of one of the most important singers in Latin America.

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On the same day, Mariah officially published her book “The Meaning of Mariah Carey”, which she wrote with Michaela Angela Davis, and in which she tells her story without filters, about loves, heartbreaks and her controversial relationship with her family.

Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey met in Aspen, he had just recorded his successful album “Romances” and she was going through divorce proceedings with Tommy Mottola, whom she married in 1993. After three years of dating they ended their relationship in the middle of a conflict that led the American to take therapy for the constant infidelities of the Mexican.

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