Know what is the worst age to be happy according to science

You thought your worst years were during your intense adolescence, or the confusion and complications of becoming a newly independent young adult. A study could disprove your beliefs. 

Dartmouth University professor David Blanchflower analyzed the information from 132 countries, 98 of them without developing nations, and determined that the most unhappy age was 47 years.

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According to the author, “at 47 people become more realistic, they have already realized that they are not going to be the president of the country” and this drop in high expectations may explain the period of decline. 

In addition, for this age it is more difficult for us to adapt, we have our more fixed tricks and ideas. This makes it more difficult to face work or financial problems that may appear when you reach the middle of your life. 

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“To be in the middle of life is to be in a moment of vulnerability, which makes it more difficult to deal with the challenges of life in general,” explained Blanchflower.

And when would I be happier?

According to this work, the highest points in the well-being of human beings occur at the ends of our lives, that is, when we are very young and past 50 years. 

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“After 50 years you become more grateful for what you have. Then, at 50 you can tell a person that you have good news because from now on things will improve,” he said.