It is not the same for everyone: This will last your relationship depending on your age

Each case, person and couple is different, but patterns can also be found in the length of time a relationship lasts, depending on the age of those who compose it.

It is that the maturity of the people is a fundamental factor when projecting how long a couple will be able to stay together. It is what allows you to generate commitments, will determine the goals and interests in common.

Between 12 and 14 years

For many, this is the age at which the first pololeos are had, if they can be called that, because the truth is that at that age it is very difficult to maintain a stable relationship.

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According to Professor Kate Fogarty of the University of Florida Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences, on average pololeos at this age do not last more than 5 months.

Between 15 and 18 years

The same teacher adds that in this age range there is a big jump and couples of this age can last up to two years in their relationship. But most of them cannot be sustained any longer due to conflicts caused by communication problems.

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Although they will not last until his adult life, the teacher indicates that they will be “a form of practice to be able to form more mature bonds during his adulthood.”

Twenty something 

Young adults have the longest lasting relationships. They can spend 4 years as an engaged couple. It is that age, experiences, give them a certain maturity, but this does not mean that they will make the decision to marry, since at that age many people still try to find their place in 

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At this age it is common for people to feel that they are in a position and a relationship in which they can settle, form a family and future. Goals become common and career achievements can take a backseat, so the average time is stretched. In general, these couples exceed the range of 5 years of relationship.

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30 and over

The successes and mistakes that have been made for this age allow them to have a better idea of ​​the relationships they hope to have and the life partner they would expect to accompany them. 

According to the Washington Post, once a couple of this age exceeds the year of relationship, the breakup rate decreases by 20%.