It could be very dangerous: These are the cleaning products you should never mix

If, for whatever reason, you decided that these National Holidays will be celebrated at home, you must already be thinking about how much you will have to clean (before) and after the barbecue. 

We cannot help you with the workload, but it is important that you know the chemical mixtures that you should never do to clean. One might think that the more products used, the cleaner it will be, but with this you risk creating corrosive reactions that could even put your health at risk. 

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Chlorine and ammonia

Although pure ammonia is not part of the traditional cleaning kit, it may be one of the components of other products. This is why it is recommended to read the labels before combining them, because you could accidentally create chloramines.

Chloramines is a derivative of chlorine that causes skin irritation, redness and itching. Long exposure to this compound could even cause asthma. 

Quaternary ammonium is a derivative of the original chemical compound, so you shouldn’t put them together either.

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Chlorine and alcohol

Although alcohol can be used to clean, it is a very corrosive product to the skin. The damage of alcohol is further increased when it is mixed with chlorine, as this results in chloroform and chloroacetone, both by-products considered highly toxic.

Chlorine and vinegar

Just because it is an edible product, the acidic power of vinegar should not be underestimated, in fact it is not recommended on certain surfaces such as silicone because it could permanently damage them.

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In this case, once you mix both products, a toxic cloud of chloramines is generated. This is the same gas that was used as a chemical weapon during World War I and that caused eye and nose damage to countless soldiers from permanent exposure. 

Chlorine and lemon

This mixture generates the same dangerous reaction as chlorine with vinegar. So if you want your product to have a citrus smell, it is better to buy the versions of these that the market offers and not try to prepare a homemade version.

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Baking soda and vinegar 

If you had to do the volcano experiment when you were studying in school, you will remember that mixing these two compounds could result in disaster. More than dangerous to health, like the previous combinations, mixing these products could end in a small disaster.