How did they shoot the bed scenes in Dark Desire?

The series Dark Desire, recently premiered its second season and with that came many questions about how was the behind the scenes sex scenes between the main characters, Maite Perroni and Alejandro Speitzer, who had intense moments in this second season.

Several people have commented that season 2 is even hotter than the first, and that not only will we see sex scenes between Maite (Alma) and Alex (Dario) but also Ariana Saavedra (Julieta Lazcano), Catherine Siachoque (Lys Antoine) and Jorge Poza (Leonardo Solares).

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The actors of Dark Desire have been in therapy.

The talented Maite said in an interview that there was a lot of treatment of the characters by the cast so that during filming they had much more privacy, also the cast did psychological therapy to achieve the ideal result.

Another of the main elements in the making of the scenes was the communication between the actors. They were careful that nothing was offensive, there was a lot of respect so as not to fall into the grotesque and they also had very precise codes in terms of privacy during filming.

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Maite and Alex have a very solid friendship, which can be conveyed through the screen, with great chemistry shining through. From the first season we noticed that they were a great couple and some fans would like to see them as a couple.