“He has the same timbre of voice as his brother Luis Miguel”: the video of Sergio Basteri singing religious music

A video of Luis Miguel’s younger brother singing religious music has gone viral on social networks. Sergio Basteri has been living away from fame and the spotlight since his childhood, when the breakup with the famous Mexican interpreter took place. Now his talent is coming to light.

The secrets of the life of “El Sol de México” have been revealed with the successful production “Luis Miguel, the series”, starring Diego Boneta, and which Netflix Latin America concluded with the third and final episode released in October


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“The Netflix series is fiction. It is not 100% true. Based on real events”, expressed the Aztec interpreter on his Twitter account, regarding the numerous controversies developed by the twists and turns that took the chapters.

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Luis Miguel’s brother sings religious music

Through social networks, leaked the video in which Sergio Basteri sings religious music in the midst of a public act, details the Mexican channel Unicable. Luis Miguel’s brother vocalizes on a mariachi track in the middle of a stage.

Dressed in a black suit, he drew applause from the audience after reaching very high notes in his exceptional performance. Previously, he had dedicated some sincere words to God.


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Comments on the YouTube video were full of congratulations on his performance, comparing his voice to that of the performer of “When the Sun Warms Up.”

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“The resemblance of the voice to his brother Luis Miguel is striking”; “Wow…. has the same voice timbre as his brother Luis M” and “How beautiful sings that boy, same timbre, tenor just like his older brother,” wrote some Internet users.

For this reason they left

When Sergio Basteri was just a child, his mother Marcela Basteri disappeared in 1986. After the death of his father Luisito Rey, in 1992, the music producer also obtained custody of the child. Shortly afterwards he entrusted the teaching to Mario Octavio Fonseca, a doctor who was a family friend.

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All these changes transformed the life of Luis Miguel’s “mysterious” brother, who keeps away from “El Sol de México”. When he was younger he had some contacts with music on a professional level, but his career never materialized.

The distance between these two brothers is due to a discussion that took place about the future of the younger one, highlights an article in the newspaper El Comercio. Sergio Basteri has tried to distance himself from his older brother and still maintains his private life.

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