Fewer hairs on clothes: These are the 5 breeds of dogs that fight the least

The dogs healthy naturally thrown away his old coat, which may be damaged or no longer fulfill its function well to regulate the temperature. Some do more, others less, everything will depend on the type of hair with which they are covered.

Aside from bald breeds, like the American Hairless Terrier or the Xoloitzcuintli, they all fight to some degree, which you should consider before acquiring a pet. 

If sweeping every 5 minutes isn’t your thing, or you’re not a fan of finding memories (or hairs) of your pet stuck to your clothes, these are the breeds you should prefer. 

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They are small, delicate and very very elegant. Although its coat requires a lot of care, especially if it is left long, it does not shed much.

These are companion pets, more of a skirt, who will prefer to spend an afternoon with you than playing. 


They are known to be supposedly hypoallergenic dogs, just because they hardly fight, only if you have a purebred pet. 

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These are very intelligent dogs, easy to train and very active. It is also a breed that grows in different sizes, so there may be a mini poodle as a larger one that runs at high speed. 


These dogs are a species of terrier that does not have a lot of fur or produce much dandruff, the main culprit in triggering allergic reactions. 

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They are very energetic and can be excellent company for families with younger children.

Brussels Griffon

They are small dogs, but they are not skirted. It is like being more active, whether playing on a large patio or indoors.

Their fur does not require greater precautions or care, since they fight very little. What they should worry about is keeping their beard and hair at an appropriate length so that it does not knot. 

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Bedlington terrier

These dogs are more similar to a sheep than a hound because of the speck of hair that accumulates from the crown of the skull to its snout. Although they require great care of the coat, as it is curly and must be kept shorter, they do not fight.

They are also devoted members of the family, who will enjoy a calm walk together.