Don’t even try: Study revealed that dogs can detect when you lie and will even disobey you if you do

If you think your dog can read your mind by how well he understands you, you may be correct, after a new study came to reinforce the theory that they are able to recognize when humans give them false information or lie to them. 

Until now, studies that sought to test the ability of dogs to recognize lies had obtained conflicting results. But a new study would prove that they are capable.

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Apparently the “theory of mind” would be responsible for understanding. This concept is used to describe the ability that supposedly only humans had to understand, predict, attribute thoughts or intentions to the actions of other people. 

How did they prove it?

The experiment consisted, basically, of fooling 260 puppies of different races and ages. For this, they had a person, whom we will call the liar, hide food in one of two buckets. At different points in the experiment, the liar tried to trick the dog by changing the jars. 

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But to help the puppy a second person participated, the communicator, this was the one who warned the dog of lies. During the first part the dog could not see when the food was being hidden, but the communicator always told him the truth.

During the experiment, the dogs chose more of the buckets that the communicator pointed to. Even at one point they made the liar change the buckets after the communicator and tried to trick the dog, but these still pointed to the one chosen by his ally. 

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“As many dogs refused to follow the instructions of the liar, who knows where the food is, but keeps pointing at the empty bucket, we think he could have understood when the communicator suggested that it is a hoax,” they explained in the text.