Do you recognize yours?

Every relationship has at least 5 stages. In each one of them a possible stable future is being developed and built between you. They are learning periods, which require flexibility and commitments.

The duration will depend on each one, but an approximate and generalized time in which couples change stages is also estimated. In case they can’t get through these stages, they may not be compatible and it could signal the end of their relationship.

Review the stages of relationships and recognize where you are.

First stage: The romantics

In the beginning, everything is sugar, flowers and many colors. This period starts from when there is an attraction until they have a more formed relationship.

It lasts an average of three months, and it is a period in which your partner seems to be perfect, they love spending time together and conflict is avoided as much as possible. 

In addition, in this honeymoon period, endorphins run in large quantities through your body which gives the feeling of permanent happiness.

Second stage: The reality check

Life is not rosy and eventually we have to start accepting reality. Little by little, who was perfect is no longer so and endorphins are beginning to regulate.  

Many relationships end in this period, approximately after six months, because this is when it is necessary to put more effort, because the shortcomings in the couple begin to be noticed. 

Stage Three: Disappointment 

What began to be dimensioned in the previous stage, is established in that period. It is at this time that you must work on having a healthy communication to resolve the conflicts that will be encountered.

The biggest doubts about the future of the relationship begin to appear at this point. But if you establish healthy communication habits, chances are good that you can move on to the next one.

Fourth stage: Stability

All the previous conflicts occurred to define the bases, hopefully healthy of their relationship, so that later they enter a period of stability in which they must continue working on their differences, but it does not seem so much a task or a problem. 

But after so much conflict, calm and stability can be boring for some, prompting them to think about having or seeking a relationship outside of the couple.

Fifth stage: Commitment

The romantic feelings of the first stage you will no longer miss. It is that they have built a relationship in which they understand and respect each other, they are no longer the same. 

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