Diego Boneta had to go through about six hours of makeup to embody Luis Miguel

The second season of ” Luis Miguel: The Series ” will narrate two timelines. One will be dedicated to her world-famous fame as a singer, while from the shadows the production will show the family imbalances she experienced.

Diego Boneta will again embody the ” Sun of Mexico. For these episodes, the actor had to go through a long process of physical transformation and characterization to represent Luis Miguel at the turn of this century.

In the hands of a professional

Who was in charge of transforming Boneta was Alfredo “Tigre” Mora, head of the makeup department of the series. Mora has been awarded several times for his work.

“The biggest challenge is getting out on both timelines. Shooting one day, when they were 20, with another body, with another physique and that same day having to change big, “said Diego Boneta in a video shared by Netflix on his YouTube channel.

Six hours of makeup

Diego Boneta had to make an extreme change, which includes the details of cheekbones and eyebrows, the aging of his face, among others.

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Also, in the first few makeup sessions, the characterization process took just over six hours. As filming progressed, the crew was able to reduce the workload to just two hours.