Dark Desire 2: Who is guilty?

The series on Netflix Dark Desire, starring Maite Perroni and Alex Speitzer, recently premiered its second season on Netflix and with that came questions about the plot and in particular the ending.

As in the first season, the audience thinks that most of the characters could be the culprits and although in the first season we saw a suicide, in this second season many things have changed.

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At first, the police judge the death of “Julieta Lazcano” as a suicide, but as the series progresses, we realize that it could be a murder, since the autopsy shows signs that someone threw her from the terrace into the void.

Dark Desire Ending

People suspect that Alma is in love with Darío, but Alma suspects Esteban, until he makes it clear that he wants to help her and that it is not his intention to harm her, in fact, he helps her escape from the police and hide.

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In the plot we meet a new character, Lyz Antoine, who at first is Dario’s literature teacher, but later we learn that she is the adoptive mother of the protagonist with whom he also has an extramarital affair.

In the end, Dario Guerra, invents that he has a twin brother who would claim his inheritance and although the police and the people involved believe him, we realize that this is not real.

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The character played by Alejandro Speitzer is Julieta’s murderer, his twin brother never existed, he made it all up so that no one would want to steal his inheritance and so that no one would suspect him.

Darío goes to the hospital after being shot by Esteban and then goes to prison just like his adoptive mother, who was accused of killing her husband and pretending to be someone else.

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