Anuel AA makes a surprise appearance at Karol G’s concert in Puerto Rico

La ‘Bichota’ was singing in Puerto Rico when her ex-boyfriend got on stage, took the microphone and they started singing their songs together.

Karol G fulfilled her dream of performing at the Choliseo, a mythical stage for reguetoneros, as it is considered by many to be the home of this genre that is now dominated by several Colombians, but of which many Puerto Ricans are pioneers.

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However, when she was singing at this event in front of thousands of people, her ex-boyfriend Anuel got on stage and with microphone in hand gave her the surprise that drove the thousands of fans who attended the event crazy.

When the Colombian artist was about to sing ‘Culpables’, the first song she did with her ex-boyfriend, Anuel appeared at the top of the stage. Karol G seemed to be surprised by the presence of this man on stage and made the background music to be silenced.

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After a few seconds, the two singers melted into an embrace and she didn’t seem to understand what was going on, as if she really didn’t know that he was going to appear at that moment.

After several minutes of conversation, which no one could hear, they decided to start singing together that song that helped them grow in their professional career, although now they have different directions.

This event drove the fans of this loving ex-couple crazy. She, on stage, said that she had not spoken to him for a long time, but that her idea, once upon a time, was that if she did a concert in Puerto Rico, the only guest artist would be Anuel.


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This was the moment that drove the followers of this musical genre crazy and there are still many doubts as to whether it was planned or happened spontaneously.

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