Aluminum foil balls in the washing machine: With this trick it is possible to keep clothes for longer

The washing machine is a practical, simple and useful solution today, but its prolonged use can lead to the weakening of clothing. However, the aluminum foil trick will make it easier to keep your clothes in better condition.

It is also important to read the labels and follow the indications of each piece, so that the washing or drying processes do not deteriorate or modify their characteristics. As well as the indications of the manufacturers of your washing machine.

To do this, you must know how to interpret the symbols found in the written instructions. With these basic notions, textiles are less likely to shrink, warp or stain.

Trick with aluminum take care of clothes in the washing machine

Including three balls of aluminum foil in the washing machine’s drying cycle is an infallible trick to take care of the appearance of your clothes for much longer. The reason is that this material prevents the garments from being electrified, according to the 65YMás portal .

During the washing process, electrical charges are released that wear down the fabrics and can cause them to break. These come from the machine or from the friction that occurs between the elements that are inside.

The balls, the size of your hand, are responsible for absorbing the energy that is given off, especially when starting the drying program. According to what was reported by the medium 20Minutos, this responds to the fact that aluminum is not magnetized and can conduct heat.

Many ways to help

In addition to the trick of including aluminum balls to the washing machine to take care of clothes, it is necessary to remember the importance of fabric softener in this purpose. Likewise, it is recommended to choose short spin cycles to avoid taking greater risks and to enjoy clean clothes without damaging them.

The uses for aluminum foil are endless and can make many household tasks easier. This is used to preserve food, clean grease from kitchen equipment, sharpen scissors and even bleach hair.

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