5 facts you should know about Hellbound, the series that terrifies on Netflix.

Hellbound is the new series from the director of Train To Busan that will leave you terrified with angels of death and prophecies.

Hellbound is Netflix’s new horror mini-series, directed by Yeon Sang Ho, that promised a lot with its angels that drag to hell. and it delivered!

An unprecedented phenomenon occurs in Seoul, South Korea; people start receiving prophecies of when they will die, and when that day and time are fulfilled, the angels of death appear in front of them that take their lives.

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So, if you have not yet been encouraged to watch this series, or if you loved it and want to see more of it, here are 5 facts you should know about the series Hellbound.

1. Hellbound: the series is based on a webtoon

That’s right! Like other great horror stories that are on Netflix, our favorites Sweet Home or Alice in Borderland, Hellbound is based on a South Korean webtoon that is currently completed with two seasons at Naver Comics.

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2. It is directed and created by Yeon Sang Ho

Did you thought he only directed it? Well no, the series is originally written by Yeon Sang Ho for Naver, while the drawing is done by artist Choi Gyu Seok. So the series is completely made from the vision of its original creator.

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3. It is the first Korean drama at the Toronto Film Festival

The miniseries has six episodes, 3 of which were screened at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), making it the first Korean drama to be at the festival.

4. Hellbound already had an animation in South Korea

As you may notice, it is a rather old animation, from 2003, titled The Hell and is considered a prequel to the Hellbound series. Although it is a bit more graphic and content sensitive, more so than its successors. Like the webtoon and the Netflix series, this animation was also directed by Yeon Sang Ho.

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5. It has a 100% recommendation from the site Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is a site that recommends series and movies based on quality and viewer reviews, getting a 100% on the site means it is highly recommended material, and they assure you that you will enjoy.